Time to add SSL to your website

You have just a few more months to add an SSL certificate to your website before Google shames you.

Last year in Is not having https hurting your website?  I explained how adding an SSL certificate to your website made it secure and the benefits that brings. I also discussed Google’s future plans for a more secure web and can now confirm those plans will soon be a reality. On 8th Feb the Google Security Blog confirmed that beginning in July 2018 all HTTP sites will be marked as not secure.

Image of how chrome will display unsecured websites
Browser display representation from Google Security Blog

If you do not have an SSL certificate any user with the Chrome browser will see the warning shown above in their address bar. Other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Firefox currently display a warning symbol like the Chrome 64 example. I would expect all browsers to follow Google’s lead and move to a more clear warning message in future updates.

What does this mean for you?

Users presented with this warning are less likely to give you their personal details. Any website used for lead generation will likely suffer a decrease in submissions. A decrease in activity on your website should also be expected as users leave in search secure sites. The browser is basically telling the user your site is not safe and not to trust it with their data. How will that lack of trust transfer from your website to that of your actual business?

My recommendation is not to wait and find out. Moving to a secured site is not an expensive process, in fact there are many Opensource (free) solutions available. Speak to your hosting provider and switch to a secured connection, don’t be browser shamed!

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