Website Speed will now influence Facebook Referals

Facebook have made changes to their newsfeed algorithm. Website speed is now a ranking factor. The load time of a website on mobile devices will now be a effecting a posts position in the Facebook newsfeed.

These changes are scheduled to be rolled out over the next few months. If you start to notice a decline in your referral traffic from Facebook you have probably been effected. But, you do not have to wait and see if your traffic will drop, you can get out in front of this by testing your website speed.

Page Speed Insights is a free tool from Google. Type in the address of any page on your website and get a speed ranking and suggestions on how to improve it. Ironically Facebooks own website doesn’t score too high!

website speed test results for facebook


There are many industry best practices that you can follow to improve your website speed.

  • Image optimization and file compression reduces the amount of data being passed to the browser and reduces page load time.
  • Render blocking javascript stops a browser from displaying page data until it has processed the script. Removing this will allow the data served to be processed quicker.
  • Making use of Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) and Multi-Region hosting will reduce the delivery time of your pages from the server to the users browser.
  • Minimizing landing page redirects will reduce the time it takes to locate your page on your server.
  • As a page is processed a new call to the server will be triggered every time a Plugin is reached. Reduce the number of plugins to reduce the number of calls to the server for a faster loading page.

Should you decide to change your hosting make sure that the option you choose includes SSL. My post, Is not having https hurting your website? explains changes Google will be implementing next year.

If website speed is an issue for your site and you need help making the changes feel free to contact me.

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