Copperpenny is a supplier and installer of Sash Windows and Doors who required a one page scrolling site to act as a lead generation tool and online portfolio. An image rich single page site with A full screen slideshow overlay to highlight some of their completed projects and a database to store their captured leads was the preferred solution for this client.

The Design process


The wireframe shows how the basic structure of the web page will be put together to see how all all the features come together.

The Navigation menu on the top right allows the user to quickly access the section they are interested in rather than having to scroll through the page to find it.

The customer requested an image rich site, to avoid having a site that took forever to scroll through due to large numbers of pictures slideshows were used to make the site more user friendly. The page opens with a full screen rotating slideshow and the installation section contains three slideshows which appear as a full screen overlay when accessed. Additional single images were added to the product and services sections to further display their work.

To help build trust in the company there are multiple recommendations throughout the page, A recommendation that highlighted the product and service received was added to each respective section and a general company recommendation was added directly before the contact section to reinforce the positive message and influence potential customers to contact them.

The contact form at the bottom of the page which allows users to contact them with any questions is connected to a database which is storing all the data collected.

wireframe of copperpenny website
Color & Typography

A simple color scheme was requested for this site so that the images stood out from the site, the only color constraint was that the copper color from their corporate branding must be incorporated.

color chips to show colors used in copperpenny website
image of fonts used in copperpenny website

Finished Product

image of copperpenny website homepage