Lauralee Catherine

This project was the development of a custome theme for a lifestyle blog running on the Wordpress platform.

The Design process


The site displays each post on the home page but is limited to a set number of the most recent posts to avoid unlimited scrolling, all posts are available through the categories to which they belong. A contact page and an about page completes the site architecture.

sitemap for lauralee catherine blog

The navigation is a horizontal menu fixed to the top of the screen at all times to allow the user to choose between the individual pages or access the posts via their category type. It also contains links to each of the site owners social media sites as cross promotion of all social media presences was one of the objectives for the site. The navigation is hidden behind a menu button on mobile devices which when accessed presents a vertical menu, however to avoid excess screen coverage the social media icons remain horizontal in the mobile menu.

main navigation style for lauralee catherine blog mobile navigation for lauralee catherine blog
Color & Typography

A minimalistic design with muted colors and just a splash of color was the asthetic for this design to ensure that the images in the posts stood out from the site background.

color chips used for lauralee catherine blog
fonts used for lauralee catherine blog

Finished Product

screenshot of lauralee catherine blog home page