Socal Print House

Socal Print House is a family run screen printing company who were looking to move into eCommerce to increase their sales as they did not receive many enquiries through their existing site. An online store built on the Opencart platform with a product customization extension was chosen to allow their users to design and order their custom printed apparel online.

The Design process


The site follows a standard eCommerce architecture but with the addition of the design studio. The studio is accessible from the main navigation or from within a product page so that customers are able to choose their products to customize or create their designs first and then decide what to put them on.

sitemap for socal print house website
Design Studio

A standard eCommerce solution would not work for this business as all of the products it sells are customized to order. The design studio which allows the user to create custom apparel by adding text, clip art or uploading their own images was the most important feature of this site as users would be able to immediately get a price and place their order online as opposed to submitting designs to the company and waiting for a quote to be produced.

screenshot of socal print house design studio
Color & Typography

A monochrome site was requested so that the product images and banner image of a local landmark stood out from the site and grabbed users attention, a range of light to dark greys were chosen to avoid the contrast caused by a strong black.

color chips used for socal print house website
fonts used for socal print house website

Finished Product

screenshot of socal print house home page